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FallĀ 2015 Semester

Course ID Seeking a Tutor Available to Tutor Description of Tutor’s Experience Proposed Rate ($) Group Sessions
OM OM121: Medical Mandarin Caylie G. took Medical Mandarin in Summer 2015 semester; tutored university-level Cree 2008 to 2010; these Mandarin tutoring sessions will primarily focus on character recognition and practice $25/hour $40/hour

*The PRCSS is not responsible for any arrangements or transactions made between students.

Please contact the PRCSS to indicate your interest in advertising for, or as, a tutor. (Contact form available below.)

Seeking a Tutor

Individuals seeking a tutor will be listed in this section (showing first name and last initial).

Available to Tutor

Individuals available to tutor will be listed in this section (showing first name and last initial).

Description of Tutor’s Experience

Prospective tutors must indicate their qualifications for the class(es) they are able to tutor. Tutors must have taken the class they wish to tutor at PRC, or must be able to demonstrate that they’ve taken an equivalent class at another post-secondary school, and must have received a mark of 80% or higher in that class.

Proposed Rate ($)

Prospective tutors as well as students wishing to be tutored should indicate their proposed rate of pay for the work. This may be in dollars per hour, dollars per semester, or a proposed barter system. Students wishing to be tutored should indicate the frequency that they would like to meet with their tutor.

Group Sessions

If the subject allows for it, some students may wish to pool resources together to hire a tutor for an hourly rate, and split the cost. Students, please indicate if you have, or would like to have, a group to be tutored with, and tutors, please indicate if you are willing to tutor a group for a reduced per-person rate.

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